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Weighbridge fleet management software

Rontec's RonWeigh II - fleet management package has been updated and improved.

TraceWeigh Unit
RonWeigh II runs on a PC under Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000, using
Microsoft Access as its database, making it superbly versatile and incredibly
powerful. Again developed in house at Rontec by people who have been involved
with weighbridge design for many years, it comes as a standard package which
can be used as it is, or tailored to your precise needs.


What is new in RonWeigh II ?


Main screen RonWeigh

Main screen:












RonWeigh II is a logical development of the original RonWeigh,which itself was developed by drawing on more
than twenty five years of experience in producing weighbridge software.

It runs under Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000 and is exceptional easy to use.The software makes use of
Microsoft Access © database, a standard for industry and one from which data is very simply exported should a
different database be in operation. If preferred a Microsoft SQL Server © Database can be speciffied.A personal
computer is linked to the weighbridge, either directly if a flash memory system is used, or via a tally roll printer.

Details of regular vehicles, customers, suppliers, hauliers, delivery or collection points, and materials are held
on disk and can be retrieved instantly by code or by name. Other categories can be added if required.

Any of these files may be associated with a particular vehicle. For example, an individual lorry could be linked to
a customer, a delivery point and a limited range of materials.

First and second weighings are of course catered for, as are public and casual weighings, which will need a
weighticket but not a standard entry in the transaction file.


RonWeigh screen

Transaction file screen:













New RF Smart Card Facility

RonWeigh II has the ability to accept data from RF Smart Cards. This feature may be used on both manned and
unmanned weighbridges and in either case it dramatically speeds up weighings and guarantees data integrity.
The operator or driver offers up the card to a reader; no physical contact is necessary — and whether the vehicle is
on its first or second weighing, the rest is fully automatic. The system knows if he has weighed once, finds the
partially completed database record, and completes the details of the second weighing, calculating the net weight.

If the tare weight is stored on the computer, only one visit to the weighbridge is needed.

The standard cards are credit-card size, but for special applications many alternatives are available, some of which
can be read at distances of up to 1 metre from the sensor.

More flexible reporting now comes as standard, with customer, material and vehicle movement reports available
over chosen timescales. But as each transaction record is an Access record, users can, if they wish, write
customised reports to suit their own operations.Rontec will of course provide full customisation facilities for any
requirementsusers may have.

Accounting Packages and Electronic Data Transfer

RonWeigh II has the ability to accept data from RF Smart Cards. This feature may be used on both manned and
can be interfaced with the Sales and Accounts offices to accept orders for fullfilment at the weighbridge
and allowing the option of producing invoices.

RonWeigh II can also be configured to accept orders and send invoices by Electronic Data Transfer (EDT).

We can arrange with a Sage Solution Provider to link RonWeigh II to accounting packages, allowing sales
invoices to be raised based upon the net weight and product cost per tonne to individual customers.

What are the advantages ?

RonWeigh II First of all, simplicity. The screen looks just like a typical Windows application. This means
that the user feels comfortable comfortable from the outset and can get to know the system much more quickly.
All the normal Windows facilities are available and the operator just has to fill in the known details, either by typing,
selecting from a list using the mouse or clicking on a button to call up the weight information. Just fill in the known
details and leave the rest blank if they arecompulsory fields, the system will prompt you to complete them

Secondly, because the data is on your hard disk in MS Access format, you have enormous flexibility.
Without any further formatting, you have at your disposal the full power of the MS Access © database.
What is more, the standard Microsoft © facilities for exporting into say Word or Excel are instantly available.
Logging into an XML Schema is also possible.

RonWeigh II gives you peace of mind

RonWeigh II will speed up your weighbridge operation, reduce errors and accurately log everything that you weigh.
It will provide: -

If the standard software is not just what you want, Rontec will be pleased to tailor it
to your specification and produce a system to meet your exact needs.
Contact Rontec or your supplier for a quotation.