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Outstanding International Supplier at the Icelandic Fisheries Awards 2005

Nesco Weighing Celebrates Second Success At International Awards

Nesco Weighing was named Outstanding International Supplier at the Icelandic Fisheries Awards 2005.
The award will sit alongside an array of other trophies collected by Nesco in recent years and the company's
aim is to turn exhibition success into a boost for business.

"We were delighted with our first success in Iceland and this is even more exciting", said Graham Stamp,
Nesco's Legal and Commercial Director.

"We will hold this award for at least the next three years, which gives us plenty of time to use it to show people
what we can do."

Earlier this year Nesco made a major breakthrough in the UK industry by winning the Technical Innovation category
at the inaugural Seafood Awards organised by the Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish).

The invitation to return to Iceland - where Nesco won the same category at the 2002 awards - is seen as further
recognition of the company's investment in innovation and research and development as part of its work on
food traceability.

Three years ago Nesco's success was based on the Wavecheetah system, which can weigh fish on board trawlers
at sea in conditions up to gale force eight. It also prints a label with details such as the fish species,size and weight
plus information on when and where it was caught.

This time around the company won the award for the Traceway system at the event held in Kopavogur, near
Reykjavik. Traceway will log the progress of the catch through the fish market, packing plant and retail chain stages.

Over the last four years Nesco and Joint Venture company Rontec Ltd . have placed themselves in a position to
produce the innovative and totally integrated Traceway traceability system, providing a solution forEU legislation on
traceability of fish.

Rontec Ltd. was a major contributor to the development of the Traceway system and was also responsible for
providing the software and some of the hardware.

Unique in the market place, the research and development carried out on this project has been greatly assisted by
Nesco's on-going relationship with the fishing and fish processing industry in general. Traceway can provide
traceability from net to plate and can easily interface with other systems.

The system has already helped Nesco secure its biggest ever project - orders worth nearly £500,000 for
the Cornish ports of Newlyn and St Ives.

"We were the only weighing company to sit on the technical consortium that advised the European Union on fish
traceability issues and we are delighted that our work is bringing rewards", said Graham.

The latest award in Iceland amounts to further recognition of our leading role in the industry. It generated
plenty of interest among visitors to our stand at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, which was the backdrop
for the awards.

The contracts for Newlyn and St Ives came as a direct result of our work to develop a system that not only complies
with the new EU legislation on traceability but also complies completely with the industry recognised Tracefish
standard, and we will now be working hard to secure more contracts on the back of this latest success

Gordon & Christopher







Gordon Norman, Nesco's Technical Sales Director, pictured
receiving the award at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition from
Christopher Adams (right), Sales Director of World Fishing.

Picture courtesy of the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition

You can read more about the TraceFish concept and the TraceWay system else on this website,
or at the website