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Traceability software for the food industry

March 2003

TraceFish "Traceability of Fish Products" concerted action project.

It was funded by the European Commission under the "Quality of life and management of living resources"
thematic programme, project number QLK1-2000-00164.

The premise is that with increasing information demands from buyers and consumers of food products,
it is no longer practical to transmit all the relevant data physically along with the product. Instead, each
package will be marked with a unique identifier, which will allow all the relevant information to be
transmitted or extracted electronically.

The aim of the TraceFish project was to bring together companies and research institutes to establish
common views with respect to what data should follow a fish product through the chain from catch/farming to consumer. This work was completed in the autumn of 2002. The final TraceFish document has been
finalised and is to be implemented from January 2003 with a completion date for compliance of
January 2005.

In collaboration with our Joint Venture Partner Nesco Weighing we have developed software writing
data to TraceFish XML Schema and running on a version of the Data Terminal.
This enables us to offer full TraceFish implementation.