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Lafarge Middle East select RonWeig II

Rontec were approached in 2004 by Lafarge Middle East about RonWeigh II weighbridge software for possible use on their quarry weighbridges in Qatar.   These were mainly twin installations, with two weighbridges per site, one primarily for tare weighing vehicles in and the other for gross weighing them out.   Each weighbridge had a weighing capacity in excess of 100,000kg.

As usual in applications of this type, Rontec took their standard RonWeigh II package and incorporated the special features that were essential to Lafarge.

One PC was provided for each weighbridge so that both platforms could be used simultaneously.   The computers were linked to allow the MS Access database transaction records to be held on one machine, giving full platform interchangeability between the pairs of weighings – either weighbridge could be used for weighing in or out, the system automatically correlating the pairs of weighings no matter which platform had been used.

The standard ticket layout was modified to meet Lafarge’s requirements after the fields had been adjusted to suit.   Although Lafarge wanted Microsoft Access databases, Rontec can also offer SQL Server databases for RonWeigh II weighbridge program applications.

Altogether, five systems have now been installed for Lafarge in Qatar over the last three years.

This project is another excellent example of how the flexibility of the RonWeigh weighbridge software gives you precisely the end result you want – not a compromise.

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