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NESCO Weighing Limited and Rontec Limited enter into a joint venture

August 2000

NESCO Weighing Limited and Rontec Limited are pleased to announce that they have entered into
a Joint Venture Agreement with each other to provide closer co-operation in areas of mutual interest.

NESCO is an industrial and commercial weighing Company, formed in 1971 and based in Hull.
It offers a substantial and varied range of products, services and weighing systems throughout all
sectors of industry and commerce, including manufacture, design and research & development and
it specializes in meeting the unique needs of the Fishing and Food Processing Industries.

Routec was formed in 1968 in York as an electronics company with a particular interest in weighing.
Over the years its emphasis has changed from the manufacture of specialist weighing indicators
to bespoke software development and electronic control system design and engineering for several industries with a particular interest in weighing applications.

The fields of expertise of the two companies complement each other excellently and the Joint Venture’s focus and commitment is centered on providing innovative customer led weighing solutions for both the
trade and for the end user. Each company’s management structure remains unchanged.