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Berrymans Expand Use of DataWeigh

Following their order for a Weighbridge Control System now in use
at the Head Office site at South Kirkby, glass recyclers Berrymans have ordered further units for their plant at Dagenham.

No weighbridge operator is required.   The DataWeigh unit is ideal
for use by the wagon drivers, as it has a large colour touchscreen giving clear instructions for the correct weighing procedure, together with virtual buttons allowing the driver to interface with the system.   The touchscreens are popular with drivers because they speed up the weighing process.   Even drivers who have had no training find them easy to use by simply following the instructions.

The data related to the weighing is logged down into a SQL database on the unit’s internal PC and synchronized with the SQL database on Berryman's Main Server at South Kirkby, which is networked with other computers on the plant and Head Office, allowing access to authorised personnel throughout the company.

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