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TraceFish systems boosted by Ministerial call for tighter controls

Demand for Rontec's TraceFish systems could be increased by comments by Fisheries Minister
Ben Bradshaw, as reported recently by the BBC. Mr Bradshaw was quoted as saying that there are plans to use electronic records of vessels and catches to help make it harder for illegal catches to enter the EU. The plan is backed by supermarkets and environmental groups.

The tracking system would help regulate fishing by allowing fish to be traced "from the moment they are caught to when they are served on the customer's plate" says the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

This would include keeping electronic records of vessels, skippers and fishing grounds, including details of catches, time at sea and onward shipping and of delivery to buyers.

Rontec's TraceFish systems are already available to meet these requirements and are fully compliant with the EEC TraceFish and TraceFood directives.

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