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Rontec have developed a highly versatile new Data Terminal built around an industrial PC with a large 15" colour
touchscreen as its Human Machine Interface. When loaded with Rontec's standard or custom-written software,
the terminal becomes a device of remarkable flexibility and power.

The hardware is normally mounted in a cabinet to suit the application, but the units can be situated virtually
anywhere to suit the needs of the customer.

A thermal strip printer may be included as an option, issuing a ticket with the relevant data from a slot in the cabinet.



Rontec's wealth of experience in both computing and weighing systems
contributes to the excellence of this exciting product.


                      •      Rugged Industrial Housing to IP67.
                      •      Integral Industrial grade 15" LCD touchscreen.
                      •      Integral Industrial Low Power Computer.
                      •      Industrial label printer housing.
                      •      Networking RJ45 100Mbs.
                      •      Easy installation and maintenance.




Weighing:     May be linked to approved DWI mounted in same enclosure as the terminal units, or separately.

                       For non-approved weighing systems, an internal A-D unit may be used, with the digital weight display
                       transferred to the touchscreen. This may be in any form required, for example, gross tare and net
                       weights in different sizes or colours, or with setpoints shown.

                       With the appropriate software, the terminal can become a filling machine, a batch weigher, a counting
                       scale or many other devices, with the bonus of full computer control and recording facilities.

HMI:               The touchscreen is used for all operator input, without the need for a keyboard or mouse.
                       This is achieved by bringing a virtual QWERTY keyboard or numeric keypad to the touchscreen
                       If preferred, a standard keyboard and mouse may be plugged into the system.

                       Pushbuttons, switches and indicator lamps can be totally eliminated, with the touchscreen
                       taking over all of these functions.

I/O:                 The control of external devices can be carried out by the provision of suitable I/O interfaces,
                       to control valves, pumps, mixers, conveyer belt speed, traffic barriers, etc.

Computer:     Integral Industrial Low Power High Performance Single Board System.

Datalogging:  For small systems and standalone TraceWeigh units we use the Microsoft SQL desktop engine
                        to create the TraceFish database. For larger systems and linking multiple TraceWeigh units we
                        use the more powerful and flexible Microsoft SQL server to create the TraceFish database.

Scanner:        Rugged industrial bar code scanner. Bar code symbologies: EAN, Code 11, 39, 128, UCC/EAN 128
                       Optional: wireless scanning (2.4Ghz).

RFI Tags:       Optional RFI data tags can replace barcode labels.

                       Hardware specification can be tailored to suit customers' requirements

Software:      Software, written by Rontec, can be provided to turn the Data Terminal into exactly the unit you
                       want it to be, to do the job you want it to do. It is ideal for datalogging, recipe weighing,
                       process control, stocktaking, machine control and many other applications.

If you feel we could help you, please contact us and speak to one of our engineers.
We would be delighted to visit you to discuss your application and to offer our solution.